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Product Details

Rapid Cut

Table type cutting machine is one high speed CNC Plasma Cutting machine, it can be compatible with all the power source as per the production requirement of customer

Special Features:

  • Longitudinal & Transvers drive on heavy duty L.M. Guide ways.
  • Machine structure new design, no need to the foundation work of fabricate any cutting table.
  • Specially designed cutting table with centralised fume suction duct to allow suction from gantry area & saving energy consumption for fume removal.
  • Special arrangement for dross recovery & small components which may fall during cutting.

DESCRIPTION                                                     SPECIFICATIONS

Cutting Width Range (mm)                          1500

Cutting Length Range (mm)                        3000 – 6000

Drive System                                                     Double drive

Drive Speed mm/min                                     50 – 30000

Servo Motors                                                    A.C. Digital Servo motors

Make of servo motors                                   Panasonic

Axis                                                                   L.M Guide on both sides for longitudinal & cross axis

CNC Controllers                                                Hypertherm / Beckhoff

Height sensor                                                    Hypertherm / Kjellberg / IHT

Plasma cutting speed                                     According to the Plasma power source

Optional attachment                                      Laser Head, Drilling, Punch Marking