Product Details


The HPR260XD combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling, quick changeovers, and high reliability to maximize productivity.


Key advantages

Superior cut quality and consistency

Patented HyDefinitionR technology aligns and focuses the plasma arc for more powerful precision cutting up to 64 mm.

Patented system technologies deliver more consistent cut quality over a longer period of time than other systems available on the market.

Patented LongLifeR technology significantly increases consumable life and enables consistent HyDefinition cut quality over the longest period of time.



Mild steel cut capacity

Dross free – 32 mm

Production (pierce) – 38 mm

Severance (edge starts) – 64 mm

Stainless steel cut capacity

Production (pierce) – 32 mm

Severance (edge starts) – 50 mm

Aluminum cut capacity

Production (pierce) – 25 mm

Severance (edge starts) – 50 mm