Entry Level CNC Profile Cutting Machine

Product Details

Entry level plasma cutting machine for lower & medium level of production requirement and high cutting speed. Very convenient to install and commissioning. Available in Only Plasma, Only Flame and combination of both process.

Machine Specifications:

  MODEL   BladePro1530   BladePro2570   BladePro3070
  Effective Cutting Width (mm)   1500   2500   3000
  Effective Cutting Length (mm)   3000   7000   7000
  Speed (mm/min)   0-10000
  Track repeat Precision   ±0.5mm/6m
  Drive Method   Dual side with AC Servo Digital Drive
  CNC System   SH2012 OR Higher
  Height sensor   Arc Voltage with IHS & Anti Collision
  Nesting Software   Fastcam / Hypertherm

*Higher working length also available on demand