Big Gantry with High Precision CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Product Details

CNC Cutting Machine for High Production. Big Gantry with dual drive system applicable with high precision plasma cutting source to increase production as well also give high precise cut output.

Technical Features

Description Specifications
Cutting Width Range (mm) 3000 – 6000
Cutting Length Range (mm) 4000 – 20000
Drive System Double drive
Drive Speed mm/min 50-15000
Servo Motors A.C. Servo motors
Make of servo motors Panasonic
Axis Rack & Pinion on both sides for longitudinal & cross axis
CNC Controllers Hypertherm/Beckhoff
Height sensor Arc Voltage with initial height sensor & Anti collision
Plasma cutting speed According to the Plasma power source
Application Applicable with Hypertherm / Kjellberg High Performance Plasma System